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You will come to us because we are experts in a particular field. We are always learning but it is from an expert base.

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We enjoy our work immensely because we identify with the success of our clients. Work is often hard but it has to be fun too.

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The solutions we suggest will be pragmatic and achievable. We will want to help you implement the solutions either directly or indirectly.

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We believe in that honesty is vital in a consultancy relationship. If we believe the project outcomes are unattainable we will share this with you not just plough on racking up fees.


Our work involves seeing and using commercially sensitive data about your business. We will not share any information about your business without your consent and will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to that effect.


A lot of our work particularly the submission of tenders is subject to immovable deadlines. We will work flexibly to achieve these deadlines for you pretty well no matter what it takes.


When we map out projects that you want us to assist you with we will be very Specific on what we will deliver to you.


All projects need to be Measurable. This is particularly relevant in terms of outputs but also inputs particularly your time and your staff member’s time.


We have no interest in working on projects that are not Achievable. Where required we will discuss with you whether the objectives of the project are achievable.


Sometimes projects are just not Relevant. That is not the case with our projects.


All projects must be Timebound. This is a key reason that you employ a Management Consultant to assist you so we must agree a delivery date with you.

testimonals From Our Customers

We were introduced to Michael back about 5 years ago as someone who would be able to assist us in winning a large Print Management customer. Initially he plugged a key gap in our skill sets in modelling a solution that involved the integration of a large print facility into our business. After we saw what he could do, the ideas he had and how easily he engaged with us and our prospective customer we integrated him into our team to win the business and to assist in the contract’s successful implementation. We have used him a lot since as well and he always delivers for us.

Dean Smith
Enterprise Sales Director
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Open Hours

We work hours to suit our clients. Some clients like breakfast meetings before their formal working day starts. Other clients can only meet later in the day. Nearly all of our contacts are with busy owners, directors and senior managers and we will fit in with your schedules.

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Contact Details

Tel: 07957 881611

Tel: 01723 503115

Email: m.whiteley@chaoslab.co.uk


What a busy start to the New Year27-Jan-2014

What a busy start to the New Year. January has been a really busy month with 5 new projects. Looking good for February and March as well and that is without the new web site that will be launched soon...

New Growth Accelerator project started at AGNE Ltd.10-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting with Sean in Stockton. I have already done some work for Sean and am really looking forward to assisting them with their growth plans...

New Growth Accelerator project started at Life’s Energy07-Jan-2014

Kick off meeting this morning with Andy, Bill and Nick in Scarborough. What a really interesting business with fantastic opportunities to grow...

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